Eurocenter Games : a french success story

Eurocenter Games : a french success story

Eurocenter Games : a french success story

It is said that to live happily, we should find something which really motivates us. That is the reason why, a lot of people never stop looking for their passions until they find it. Actually, some get the chance to find it early, whereas for some it might take longer; and unfortunately some might never discover it.

Stephane Portha is part of the first. At only six years old, by playing an amazing video game named "Pong", he could taste his love for digital tools, especially video games, and he managed to live with and on it until now that he is aged 49. The question is, how did he do that?

Managing his passion, the origins of Eurocenter

Finding a passion is one thing, managing to live with it is another one. We all had our dream career when we were in elementary school. Many found other ways opening to them as they grew up, however some really followed what they then dreamt of. And our genius was among the latter.

Creating some video games, at the age of 14, he earned his place to the digital sector. The game named "Tank", a game that was fluid and very entertaining, was from his initiative. Later on, he wanted to build his own video games company, and in 1989, Eurocenter was created.

Eurocenter, later to be named Eurocenter Games, is a company which is specialized in the production of video games. The most successful game they developed was the GraalOnline, the first massively multiplayer opus born in 1998. Then, he created a big digital consortium called Eurocenter Group.

The company was a launcher of the first video games available on Appstore in 2007. It also created the Graalonline Zone version which has become the first game totally Freetoplay available on Smartphone iOS platform. Some new versions of the Graalonline classical game are also available on recent platforms such as Android or iOS.

We tend to think that a company is almost composed by many workers, how about Eurocenter?

Who does he work with at Eurocenter?

Eurocenter, only counts one employee, its founder, Stephane Portha (, not that he does not want to expand his company, it is just that he does not feel the need to hire nor work with someone. A reason for this also, is that he already had a partner, in business long time ago and it did not have a happy ending between them.

That may explain why Stephan wants to make his path all by himself for now. However, as an Entrepreuneur, and an optimistic one, he will certainly reconsider teamwork as an essential piece to expand Eurocenter in the video game industry.

With over 3 million of installs, Eurocenter earns his successwith highly entertaining and innovative games such as:

  •  GraalOnline Classic
  •  GraalOnline Era
  •  GraalOnline Ol'West 
  •  GraalOnline Zone

Eurocenter tries to play on many fields, especially the RPG ones, GraalOnline is leading the firm. Its last activity was in 2014, we could only expect that Stephane Portha is making something for us, considering what he has already done. Let's hope, that he has an ace up his sleeve.